Midnight Over My Action: MOMA is a creative hotbed emanating flashes of inspiration that bring
light into the pitch-black gloom of monotony.

What's MOMA?

Inside MOMA workshops, every day craftsmen, designers, workers, and artists share their skills
and experiences - because a good idea is good whatever is the mind it comes from.

In order to enter MOMA you have to meet only one essential requirement: you have to be willing to
get your hands dirty and get steeped in new ideas and traditional knowledge, original techniques
and time-tested methods.

Who are we?

MOMA stems from Gigio and Daniele Gironacci's shared ambition: to go past the aim of producing
shoes in order to embrace a different mission - creating sculptures you can wear, real monuments to
style that are made of skilfully aged leather.

Each crease becomes a wrinkle traced by experience, and the meaning of work nests right there.

What do we do?

Before anything else, we get our hands dirty. We handle both creativity and raw materials with the
same transformative approach by implementing techniques and processes inspired by the skills we
can learn from artists as well as farmers, from Picasso or from a country woodworker.

Just like them, we are shaping a vision. The true value of our shoes lies in the time we spent to
make them unique.

What is leading us?

In order to be perfect, a thing does not have to be well done. At the same time, a thing well done
does not necessarily have to be perfect.

By wholeheartedly refusing the orthodoxy of flawless things, MOMA shoes carry the marks of a
visceral, sensual creativity that sees leather as a blank canvas waiting to be transformed into a style

Where are we?

MOMA is a gem set amidst the Marche hills.

Our loyalty to our land is both a life choice and a philosophy: we are in open conversation with our
surroundings - a constant exchange from which we draw energy, history, and resourcefulness. Each
of our products is the expression of a simple and instant story that has never cut ties with its past.

Where do we come from?

There is a demarcation line between tradition and new craftsmanship, just like there is a line
connecting the day we spent and the one that awaits us: it's Midnight watching over our actions.

We like to think that everything we do is the evolution of something that came before it. Our
processings are often inspired by the mold that grows on vine leaves, by the moss growing on logs,
by rust - by all things that point out both the beginning and the end.

How do we introduce ourselves?

Exactly as we are. When we started to produce "used and dirty things" in the '80s, we were not
trying to come up with a new trend: we just wanted to wear shoes marked by some sort of worldly,
experienced look and personality.

That is how MOMA Voice was born: not as a catalogue but as a stage available to everyone who is
looking for a place in which to prove their creativity.

Each artist to whom we dedicated MOMA Voice had a vision, and we gave them the opportunity to
share it.

What makes us MOMA

Ours is an attitude, a status.









Going further

We are the mirror of a present where everything is the opposite of everything: appearances, clichés, stereotypes, biases, judgements and archetypes. We are like day and night; our shoes reflect our personality.

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Look at our shoes, choose them, try to imagine them on your feet. They are as comfortable as you can imagine.

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con il cofinanziamento della Regione Marche e della Camera di Commercio delle Marche

Obbligo informativo (art.1, commi 125/129, della legge 4 agosto 2017 n.124)
In ottemperanza, si indica la presenza degli aiuti di Stato e gli aiuti de minimis nel Registro nazionale degli aiuti di Stato di cui l'articolo 52 della legge 24 dicembre 2012, n.234.